Ghost kitchens, also commonly referred to as virtual kitchens, are a relatively new phenomenon that have really picked up steam over the last few years in particular. It’s a term that refers to an environment where workers only prepare delivery orders – there are no tables, front of house staff or other elements of a “traditional” restaurant of any kind.

The thing is, there’s also little signage or other “outreach” materials because everything is handled via platforms like Uber Eats and DoorDash. So how are savvy restaurateurs getting the word out about their new startup during a period where more competitors are cropping up every single day?

With the right content marketing strategy, of course.

Getting the Ghost Kitchen Ready for Prime Time

Direct mail is an invaluable opportunity in this context because it can be used to inform prospective patrons of A) your unique cuisine, and B) which apps you can be found on.

If you pair your content with an enticing introductory offer and a trackable offer code, you can even see which platforms are the most successful in terms of lead generation – thus showing exactly where to put your efforts in the future. Additionally, analytics and tracking software, like our own DynamiScan, can not only be used to track your campaign’s results, but also help identify your most responsive targets for future mailings.

Plastic postcards in particular are a great way to showcase your delicious meals by way of great photos and copywriting. Pop-out promotional offers can even be presented like a gift card, thus increasing your value in the eyes of your prospects almost immediately. You can even use the extra copy-space to showcase your menu, furthering someone’s excitement about finally placing that order with your virtual restaurant.

But overall, remember that you need to make sure you’re mailing the right people in the first place – meaning the ones who are most likely to use and benefit from your offerings. Make targeted mailing a part of your marketing strategy and design your offerings to play directly into someone’s specific demographic situation. You could have one promo for single people and another for families. You could even cater to health-conscious eaters, too. Variable data can be used to create campaign content specifically targeted to an individual’s needs, which will only increase your response rate (and your campaign’s overall success) moving forward.

If you’d like to learn more about how savvy restaurateurs market their new ghost kitchen offerings, or if you’d just like to discuss the specifics tracking and analyzing your direct mail campaigns, please don’t delaycontact us today.