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How Savvy Restaurateurs Market Their New Ghost Kitchen Offerings image

Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens, also commonly referred to as virtual kitchens, are a relatively new phenomenon that have really picked up steam over the last few years in particular. It's a term that refers to an environment where workers only prepare delivery orders - there are no tables, front of house staff or other elements of a "traditional" restaurant of any kind. The thing is, there's also little signage or other "outreach" materials because everything is handled via platforms like Uber Eats and DoorDash. So how are savvy restaurateurs getting the word out about their new startup during a period where more competitors are cropping up every single day? With the right content marketing strategy, of course. Getting the Ghost Kitchen Ready for Prime ...

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These New Year’s Promo Ideas Can Help Your Business Perform image

New Year's Marketing

One of the great things about seasonal marketing campaigns is that they naturally bring with them something of a breath of fresh air. As opposed to the more general campaigns that you might run during the summer, these tie directly into the topic on everyone's mind: the holidays. This is particularly true when it comes to New Year's, which some people look forward to all year long. But make no mistake - no business is too niche to capitalize on the right New Year's marketing strategy. In fact, there are a few key tips that work well for absolutely any business that you're definitely going to want to know more about. The Secret to New Year's Marketing Is Here If nothing else, ...

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How Food and Meal Delivery Startups Can Gain and Retain Customers image

For food and meal delivery startups, gaining new customers is only one small part of a much larger story. Equally important is your ability to retain those customers - meaning that you've successfully created an experience they just aren't going to be able to get anywhere else. With that in mind, there are a number of essential ways in which direct mail and collateral like plastic postcards allow you to accomplish precisely that - all in a far easier way than you're likely expecting. Creating a More Personal Experience With Direct Mail Even though your business model exists largely on the Internet, that DOESN'T mean that direct mail can't be used to your advantage. You can easily use direct mail collateral like ...

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How Food Delivery Companies Can Use Direct Mail to Drive Traffic image

In an era where nearly the entirety of the food delivery relationship between a restaurant and a customer happens online (meaning that people can order dinner right from their phone via an app like Door Dash or Uber Eats), it's easy to assume that food delivery companies should handle their marketing needs in the exact same way. It's easy... but it's not actually correct. In fact, there are a number of great ways in which food delivery companies can use direct mail to drive traffic to their virtual doorsteps, all of which are more than worth exploring. Direct Mail For Food Delivery Companies: Your Guide For starters, in a world where EVERYONE is using digital marketing, direct mail is by default positioned to ...

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The Right Approach to Food Delivery Services Marketing is Well Within Reach image

For specialized industries like food delivery services, marketing is less about outright promotion and is more about informing and educating your audience than a lot of people realize. People are looking for as much information as possible while they get ready to make a purchase. By taking control of that information via your marketing efforts and making sure that the information they seek comes directly from your business, you therefore increase the chances that when the time comes to make a purchase, they're going to make it directly from you. For Food Delivery Services, Content is King If you truly want to improve your marketing efforts, consider creating content that helps to explain the ordering process in greater detail. Not only ...

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