In an era where massive, 4K television screens are becoming more commonplace, movie theaters are having a harder time filling their seats than ever. But what savvy theater owners know is that they have one particularly powerful weapon that is just waiting to be taken advantage of – direct mail marketing.

Why Direct Mail is Perfect for Movie Theaters

One of the major reasons why movie theaters should be looking into direct mail has to do with how it can help build – and reward – customer loyalty. Tracking and analytics can be used to show you who your most loyal customers are, for example, and you can then reach out to them with a concessions discount or other offer codes to increase the value of the cinema experience. You can even use direct mail to point people towards your online apps or other rewards programs, thus significantly increasing user adoption.

Speaking of offer codes, movie theaters can also implement QR or other types of offer codes to better track respondents. This is a great way to see just how effective your brand awareness efforts really are, allowing you to double down on what is working and get rid of what isn’t as soon as possible. When you partner with a company like DynamiCard, you can even use automated campaign analytics with tracking barcodes to make this whole process even more streamlined.

But finally, direct mail collateral like plastic postcards in particular represent a great way to remind people what going to a movie theater used to mean. In the Netflix era where people have more choices than ever, it’s easy to forget what that communal, cinema experience used to be like. Even the fact that you’re sending someone a piece of direct mail collateral in the first place is often enough to get their attention – it’s certainly not a step that the digital streaming services are taking.

Once you also include discounts and other promotions on your plastic postcards in a targeted, personal way, more people will be filling your seats than ever – and you’ll have analytics-driven direct mail to thank.

If you’d like to find out more information about how movie theaters can increase attendance AND customer loyalty through direct mail, or if you have any additional questions about your own situation that you’d like to discuss in a bit more detail, please don’t delaycontact us today.