Marketing automation has become increasingly popular in recent years, and with good reason – it’s the perfect opportunity to leverage the power of modern technology to let you work “smarter, not harder” in terms of all of your advertising and customer outreach efforts. But if you were under the impression that this is an advantage that is totally cut off to you because of your involvement with a larger franchise as opposed to a single location, you’ll absolutely want to think again.

In fact, franchise marketing automation brings with it a number of incredible benefits in terms of your ROI alone that are absolutely worth taking a closer look at.

Bringing Everything Together Through Franchise Marketing

By far, one of the most important things that franchise automation marketing brings to the table comes by way of a totally customized marketing solution for your network of franchisees, that also offers a branded direct mail campaign for each individual franchisee.

In essence, you get individual campaigns that still feel unique unto themselves, but that all still feel like they’re representing the same larger brand and business at the heart of it all. You can set the level of modification that you would like your franchisees to have when creating their targeted mailing collateral, but in the end everything still feels like it’s part of the same strategic whole.

So your franchisees can select from certain corporate-approved designs, for example, and have some room to experiment with different offers and formats depending on their own unique groups of customers. But everything maintains a much-needed sense of continuity with the larger corporation behind everything.

Another major benefit of franchise automation marketing has to do with the different levels of targeted mailing you can experiment with, all of which will help drive your ROI straight to the stars where it belongs. With analytics driven direct mail, your franchise operators can unlock better response rates by way of geographic and demographic targeting. So not only will their own individual efforts succeed that much more, but all of this will also strengthen the message behind the larger brand at the exact same time.

Finally, by partnering with a company like DynamiCard for franchise automation, you also have access to digital ordering portals to help extend all of these benefits even further. Web-to-print portals offer not only your franchise network’s branding, but also optimized inventory tools, unbeatable hosting security, powerful SEO optimization benefits and even additional features like optional payment gateways. So not only is this a far more effective way to take control over your entire business’ marketing efforts, but it’s also far easier and less expensive for individual operators as well.

If you’d like to find out more information about the major benefits of franchise marketing automation, or if you have any additional questions you’d like to see answered, please don’t delay – contact us today.