Physical marketing materials are effective for car advertisements because they can be easily accessed for future reference, unlike emails that usually get buried under other messages or flagged as spam, or banner ads that are typically ignored.

#1. Use a quality mailing list

You have a number of options when it comes to your direct mail campaign’s mailing list. You can use your current data sets, purchase a third-party list, or append third-party data to your current list.

#2. Add a visual appeal

Your material should be able to stand out from the stack of mail that a person receives. The graphics, images, and colors should immediately grab a recipient’s attention. You can include flashy images of cars or catchy headlines written in a bold font, but make sure that your design is relevant to your message, offer, and business model. For instance, don’t include pictures of race cars and high-end vehicles if your company is selling used cars.

#3. Multichannel

Research shows that 44% of customers visit a brand’s website after receiving direct mail. This is 10% more than people who visit a brand’s website after receiving an email. And even if your direct mail materials don’t yield an immediate response, 48% of people will keep direct mail for future reference.

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