One of the great things about direct mail collateral like plastic postcard mailers is that they’re versatile – regardless of what industry you’re operating in or what audience you’re speaking to, they’ll always be able to generate the results you need with the right approach.

Case in point: car dealerships, auto repair and services businesses and similar types of organizations can make use of these materials in a number of innovative ways that are certainly worth exploring.

Modern Automotive Marketing Ideas for the Modern Era

Postcard mailers represent a unique opportunity for car dealerships and auto repair and service businesses in general because of the wide range of different promotions you can offer. You can use unique offers like free car washes and detailing appointments, X% off scheduled maintenance coupons and more – all in an effort to entice customers to bring their vehicle in for service either sooner than they otherwise would, or on a more reliable schedule.

With marketing analytics at your side, you can even target select customers with a reusable “VIP” card that offers different discounts based on their own histories and driving habits. Limiting these offers to “one per visit” will help make sure that people keep coming back for more after that initial satisfied experience.

To take the marketing analytics side of the conversation one step further, you can even send people targeted offers based on how far out certain types of scheduled maintenance actually are. When someone is approaching their 60,000 mile service visit, you can send discount offers that can be redeemed “with any scheduled service visit.” You could use a promotion like “book your service visit in the next two weeks and you can get an oil change and fluid inspection at no extra charge.”

Not only is this a great way to get people to take better care of their vehicles, but it’s also an opportunity to inject a sense of urgency into the proceedings. People are much more likely to take your desired action if they think that they only have a limited amount of time to do so, which means you’ll be dealing with more customers investing in more services on a much more frequent basis – all thanks to the power of direct mail.

If you’d like to find out more about innovative, effective automotive marketing ideas like these, or if you’d just like to discuss how to expand your own targeted mailing efforts in the right way at exactly the right time, please don’t delay – contact us today.