Carrying out a successful restaurant marketing campaign can be challenging. With so much competition, distinguishing your establishment from the rest is critical, and choosing the right advertising method is key. Direct mail marketing is a powerful tool for restaurants of all kinds looking to capture their potential diners’ attention. Once you’ve decided that direct mail is right for your restaurant, however, how do you go about choosing the right provider to design, print and track your restaurant’s plastic postcard mailer? Here are the four key factors to consider when weighing your direct mail design, print and analytics options.

Custom Design Expertise

Designing an eye-catching plastic postcard mailer is difficult; unless you moonlight as a designer, this is not a task you’ll want to take on yourself. Picking a postcard printing service that also has extensive custom design experience can help ensure that your restaurant captures the attention of your intended audience immediately and conveys the right message.

Finishing, Color and Paper Stock Options

High-quality finishing will distinguish your restaurant’s plastic postcard mailer from all of the other advertisements that your potential customers receive. Precise printing with consistent finishing, full-color options and thick paper stock with high-quality, durable lamination can help set your direct mail postcard apart from the competition, ensuring that your target audience sees–and pays attention to–the offers that your restaurant is providing.

Direct Mail Tracking and Analytics Capabilities

No matter how perfectly designed and expertly printed your restaurant’s plastic postcard mailer is, you won’t achieve the results you’re looking for if you don’t send it to the right target customers. That’s why choosing a provider who offers tracking and analytics services is so important. These capabilities will allow your establishment to craft the right mailing list that targets the right potential diners, and track your results to ensure that your marketing campaign is achieving its intended results.

Quick, Responsive Service

Above all else, your provider needs to offer you fast, highly responsive service–whether you need to make a last-minute change to your order or you need help crafting your mailing list. In short, the responsiveness of your postcard printer can make the difference between a successful restaurant marketing campaign and a failure.

At Dynamicard, we are pleased to offer our customers a complete range of direct mail marketing services. From the initial design stages through tracking and analytics, we have worked with numerous restaurant clients and know how to optimize a restaurant marketing campaign. To learn more about our services including our plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-out options, please contact us today with any questions.