Buying and/or selling a home is already a more personal experience than most. As a real estate agent or other business professional, you need to leverage that fact to your advantage. This means leaning into the personalization aspect of real estate marketing as heavily – and as often – as you can.

Injecting a Bit of Personality Back Into Real Estate Marketing

One of the reasons why personalization is so effective in this particular context has to do with the ways in which it takes the natural benefits of targeted mailing even further. With targeted mailing, you’re already going after people in your area who are most likely to want to buy a new home. Whether they’re a first-time home buyer, or looking to upgrade their current living situation, personalization gets them excited about the idea of going through this experience with YOU.

It’s a subtle distinction, but it’s also massively important in terms of your campaign’s success.

Even something as simple as including someone’s name or adjusting your messaging to match their personality will not only help capture your prospect’s attention, but it can dramatically increase the response rate of your campaign as well. Especially so when you include someone’s address on a piece of direct mail collateral, this has proven to be very, very effective.

Likewise, when you partner with a company like DynamiCard, our team of marketing specialists will work directly with you to both find the right list of real estate leads AND optimize your collateral by using high-impact plastic postcards that will instantly stand out from all other mail.

Our plastic postcards include not only die-cut pop-outs that can double as a business cards along with an enticing offer, but they can also include QR codes and online offer codes to help link your digital and direct mail campaigns together. That way, you can begin a relationship with someone in the “real world” and they can then go online to find out more – thus giving them all the information they need on their own terms.

If you’d like to find out more information about using personalization to increase real estate leads, or if you have any additional questions about how we can help your direct mail campaigns soar, please don’t delaycontact us today.