It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re running or even what industry you’re operating in – if you had to make a list of all your current priorities, “making a deeper connection with millennial audience members” should unquestionably be right at the top.

Not only are there a massive number of millennials in the United States, but more and more of them are entering the workforce every year. This means that one day soon, they’re going to eclipse their elders as the generation with the most amount of buying power. If you can hook them today you can hook them forever – which is why reaching millennials with direct mail is something you’ll absolutely want to explore.

The Power of Direct Mail Marketing for Millennials: Breaking Things Down

Yes, it’s certainly true that millennials spend a lot of time on the Internet – but this is far from the only place they can be reached. Millennials actually like direct mail a great deal because they find it trustworthy. Unlike an email that can be sent to thousands upon thousands of people in seconds, they tend to view direct mail collateral as more authentic than other types of marketing.

Using demographic targeting, you can further expand your generational marketing efforts by not only targeting millennials, but by also customizing your message to better fit with their own unique voice as well. You can extend your efforts to appear trustworthy even further by using personalization to your advantage, for example. Not only is this a great way to raise brand awareness in the short-term, but it can also help build brand loyalty in the long-term.

You could even use cross-media marketing to combine the powers of direct mail and digital marketing together. You could “begin” a conversation with a prospect by sending them something like a plastic postcard in the mail and continue it online by also including a direct link to your website with a QR code, or your social media handles. That way, you’re giving people even more options that they can use to connect with you – something that may make all the difference moving forward.

If you’d like to find out more information about how to effectively reach millennials with direct mail, or if you’re just wondering what the right marketing partner can do for your targeted mailing efforts moving forward, please don’t delaycontact us today.