To put it mildly, and to borrow a quote from one of the most famous wordsmiths of his era, “the reports of the death of direct mail marketing have been greatly exaggerated.”

Not only is direct mail still as popular as it ever was, recent studies have shown that may actually be more popular with one critical demographic in particular: millennials.

That’s right. If you truly want to reach a younger and savvier audience in the digital world that we’re now living in (and rest assured, you should), it’s important to understand that millennials love direct mail for a wide range of different reasons that are certainly worth exploring.

How Millennials Love Direct Mail: Let Us Count the Ways

First, let’s get to the studies. According to experts, not only do a full 84% of millennials take the time to actually look through the mail they receive from the post office – a full 64% of them would rather get something important via a print mailer than they would via email. Based on this, it’s no surprise that the same study revealed that response rates for house files took a massive 37% jump (and prospect file response rates increased, too!) from just a few short years ago.

The Attraction of Direct Mail Collateral

Millennials love collateral like direct mail postcards because they’re tactile – you can hold them in your hand and put them on your refrigerator, unlike an email which is all too easy to ignore and delete. Plus, direct mail marketing brings with it a number of other essential benefits, too – it’s far easier to afford a deeper level of personalization on behalf of companies like yourself, it’s easily integrated into everything else that you’re doing and more.

Over time, the long-term success of your business is going to depend on a steady stream of not just new customers, but young new customers who you can turn into loyal advocates for your brand. They alone will be able to create the type of momentum that you can ride into the next decade and beyond. Based on all of the above, it’s easy to see why direct mail is your best chance to do exactly that – at least as far as millennials are concerned.

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