Attracting new diners to your restaurant–and converting them into regulars–is a challenging task for any restaurateur. Everyone in the industry knows that standing out from the competition is key, but which marketing method can help set your restaurant apart from the dozens of other establishments that your potential diners have to choose from? Your possible marketing avenues are almost endless, but in today’s advertisement-heavy world, so many ads fade into the background: television commercials are muted, newspaper advertisements end up in the recycling bin and marketing e-mails are lost to spam folders.

In this environment, direct mail marketing offers several distinct advantages: it’s personal, it’s immediate and it’s difficult to ignore. Amplify your direct mail campaign with a high impact plastic postcard for restaurants, and your establishment is well on its way to drawing in bustling business.

A High Impact Plastic Postcard Mailer is Attention-Grabbing

The first step in attracting new diners to your restaurant is capturing their attention–not an easy task in a world that is over-saturated with advertisements. High impact mailers are different than so many other forms of advertisement, however. With their full color, high-quality printing combined with their adaptability and personalization potential, a high impact plastic postcard for restaurants in your prospective diners’ hands is impossible to ignore–and an important first step in converting that prospective customer into an actual one.

Special Features Such as Scratch-and-Sniff and Gift Card Pop-Outs Can Hold Your Potential Diners’ Interest–and Bring Them in Your Front Door

You have your potential customer’s attention; now how can you get them in the front door of your restaurant? A high impact mailer that incorporates special, interest-producing features is the key. From scratch-and-sniff scents that bring your restaurant’s delightful aromas to your prospective diner’s mailbox to gift card pop-outs that provide them with something with real value that they’ll want to take advantage of, plastic postcard mailers for restaurants have a wide range of potential features that can produce incredible marketing results.

From plastic postcard mailers with gift card pop-outs to high impact mailers incorporating scent, Dynamicard has extensive experience crafting plastic card mailers for restaurants that drive new business. We’ll work with you to create a high impact mailer to serve as the cornerstone of your restaurant’s effective marketing campaign. Find out more about our complete range of direct mail services and request a free quote by contacting us today.