With almost three-quarters of the U.S. population on the Internet, it can be tempting to assume that digital advertisements are the most effective form of marketing that your franchise has at its disposal. However, digital marketing is almost synonymous with spam filters and ad blockers, while a physical advertisement like a plastic postcard mailer is delivered right into the hands of your franchise’s prospective customers. When compared side by side, plastic card mailers for franchises can deliver several key benefits over digital advertising methods.

A plastic postcard mailer elicits a stronger customer response than a digital advertisement.

An effective marketing campaign is based on connecting with the right customer at the right time. Thanks to direct mail analytics, you can target and tailor your plastic postcard mailer to the ideal audience, and the response rate to direct mail advertising reflects this: direct mail has the potential to attain a 5.1 percent response rate compared to just 2 percent across all digital channels, according to the 2017 DMA Response Rate Report.

Physical advertisements have been proven easier to process than digital text.

Everyone intuitively understands the power of a physical piece of mail versus an online advertisement or e-mail. As your franchise’s target customers hold your plastic postcard mailer in their hands, your marketing message will feel immediate and relevant to them. Indeed, this intuitive principle can be supported by actual study results. According to marketing research firm TrueImpact, prospective customers need to use about one-fifth less cognitive effort to process the printed text of a plastic postcard mailer versus the digital text of an online advertisement, making direct mailer quicker to understand and process than digital advertisements.

Direct mail is significantly more memorable than online advertisements.

Just as direct mail is easier to process than digital advertisements, a plastic postcard mailer is also more memorable than its digital counterpart. TrueImpact found that potential customers were able to remember the brand being advertised by a piece of direct mail three-quarters of the time, while digital ads generated only 44 percent brand recall. The result? Your target customers will remember–and be more likely to become customers of–your franchise with direct mail versus digital advertisements.

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