You may not think that timeshare marketing is inherently seasonal, but this idea actually couldn’t be farther from the truth. Even though the cold winter months are firmly upon us, now is actually the perfect time to start planning the type of campaign that will attract Millennials in particular to what you have to offer. Your prospects are already dreaming about how they’re going to escape the winter blues and many of them are currently planning their summer getaways. They’re in the mood for fun and excitement and this is exactly the spirit that you can use to empower your lead generation efforts moving forward.

Taking Advantage of the Next Generation of Timeshare Owners

One of the reasons why direct mail timeshare marketing is so effective ultimately comes down to the targeted mailing opportunities that would be difficult to replicate through other means. You can target younger audiences not only by their age, but also by other important factors like income, marital/family status, current homeownership and more. In other words, you can send collateral directly to the types of younger adults who are most likely to be interested in a timeshare in the first place – thus increasing your chances of success across the board.

Along the same lines, direct mail is a great opportunity to send out the type of collateral that is most likely to capture someone’s attention to begin with. Plastic postcards, for example, instantly stand out from every other piece of mail that someone might receive that day. Additionally, you could use direct mail personalization to include your prospect’s name and even a picture of the timeshare in question on your marketing collateral, thus making your initial offer even more enticing than it already was.

Remember that where older generations may be hesitant to make such a long commitment, Millennials see it as an opportunity to be taken advantage of for years to come, especially as their family grows. Therefore, make sure that you craft collateral that addresses factors like the value/cost balance, sleeping capacity and exchange options among other things that younger people care about a great deal. Try to break down the barriers to entry and make your timeshare offerings seem not only attainable, but inviting as well. At that point, you’ll be far more likely to move your prospects gently down your funnel towards an eventual sale.

If you’re interested in learning more about exactly what your business needs to do to capture an entirely new generation of timeshare owners, or if you just have additional questions that you’d like to get answers to from a qualified professional, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.