The most important thing for you to understand is that even the best direct mail marketing campaign in the world isn’t going to see a 100% response rate. Far from it. But then again, that isn’t what you’re after. The key to maximizing your response rate involves tailoring your message to the core group of people you’re speaking to. By making sure you’re crafting a message that is precisely what they want to hear precisely when they want to hear it, you’ll have done more than just boost your potential responses. You’ll have sent your ROI as high as it can possibly go.

Want to Craft a Better Response Rate? Craft Better Messaging

By far, one of the best things that you can do to boost your direct mail response rates involves taking advantage of any opportunity for personalization that is presented to you. According to one recent study, even just adding a person’s name to a full color piece of collateral like plastic postcards can increase your response rate by up to 135%.

If you draw from a more sophisticated database filled with relevant, timely information about these individuals, you’ll be able to extend these results even further. Always tailor a piece of direct mail collateral to the specific point in the customer journey that someone happens to be at. Don’t treat all customers the same, because they’re not – they’re unique in and of themselves and they deserve the type of unique messaging that plays directly into that.

Overall, what you’re really trying to do is make someone feel like they’re the only person you truly care about. When someone gets a plastic postcard, intellectually they know that you probably sent out a few hundred or even a few thousand in the same batch. But those little touches – a name here, information about a specific pain point there – can make someone feel like they’re the only person you’ve set your sights on.

If you’re able to create that type of emotional connection between a brand and a consumer, rest assured response rate is not something you’ll have to worry about any longer.

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