Producing an effective automotive marketing campaign presents some unique challenges that businesses in other industries don’t face. Whether you own a car dealership or run an automotive service center, the products and services you offer center around one of your customers’ most important possessions: their car. Standing out from the competition and convincing your prospective customers to chose your automotive business can be difficult. That’s why employing a direct mail campaign utilizing a high impact plastic postcard mailer can be so effective. Here are three key features of high impact mailers that can make your automotive marketing campaign a smashing success.

Top-Quality Graphics and Finishing

Personalized physical mail already has the ability to capture a target customer’s attention. Add to this full-color graphics and high-quality finishing utilizing thick, durable lamination, and your automotive marketing campaign will easily succeed in alerting your prospective customers to your business’ offerings.

Gift Card Pop-Outs

Capturing your target audience’s attention is important, but you’ll need to bring them through your front doors if you want to turn them from a potential customer into an actual one. A plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs is one of the most effective ways to do so. Printed on thick laminated paper and having the feel of a credit card, such promotional gift cards can let you provide your prospective customers with something of real value–making them want to take advantage of your services.

Plastic Key Tag Attachments

While high impact mailers can incorporate a multitude of potential special features from scratch and sniff to magnetic stripe encoding, one feature in particular is ideal for automotive marketing: plastic key tags. These key chain tags can be embedded directly in your business’ plastic postcard mailer, providing your target customers with a daily reminder of your business right on their key chain. With full color graphics and sturdy lamination, these plastic key tags can stand up to daily use, making them perfect for promotions or for use as a frequent buyer card. What better advertisement for your automotive business than something your customers will see every time they start their car?

At Dynamicard, our team of direct mail professionals has years of experience working with businesses in the automotive industry. We know how to create a plastic postcard mailer that will capture your target audience’s attention and make your automotive marketing efforts successful. To learn more about our complete range of high impact mailer features, please reach out to us today for more information on our suite of direct mail products.