Like all businesses, casinos must actively market themselves to their target customers in order to achieve the best results–but those in the gaming industry face a unique set of challenges that companies in other industries don’t. Your marketing method should be attention-grabbing and convey a sense of fun, but so many forms of advertisement–from television commercials to online ads–fail on one or both counts. On the other hand, a plastic postcard mailer that takes advantage of the special features available can instantly capture interest and provide potential customers with the right impression of your establishment. Here are three reasons why all casinos should use plastic postcard mailers in their marketing efforts.

High-quality laminated postcard mailers are unparalleled at grabbing customers’ attention.

Catching and holding your prospective customers’ attention is the only way you’ll get them in the doors of your casino. A plastic postcard mailer with high-quality color graphics, thick lamination and eye-catching special features can capture interest in a way that few other advertising methods can.

A plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs provides real perceived value.

For many casino visitors, the prospect of winning is what keeps them coming back. Use this same impetus in your marketing by offering your potential customers something they’ll view as having actual–and free–value: a plastic postcard mailer with a gift card pop-out. Your audience will feel as though they’ve already won, and they’ll want to come to your establishment to keep that streak going.

Incorporating special features into your plastic postcard mailer can bring your casino’s atmosphere to your target audience’s mailbox.

The thrill of gaming is what brings people into a casino. Provide that excitement to your target audience at home, and you’re well on the way to driving increased traffic into your casino. A plastic postcard mailer will a scratch-off area allows you to carry out a contest for your direct mail recipients, giving them a taste of your casino’s fun and enticing them to come visit you in person.

Dynamicard’s team of direct mail specialists have a long track-record of creating successful plastic postcard mailers for the casino industry. We know how to craft high impact laminated postcard mailers that capture your target customer’s attention, helping you maximize the results of your marketing campaign and providing you with the highest returns on your valuable advertising dollars. Just contact us today to learn more about our entire range of direct mail services.