Whatever type of goods or services your company offers, all business face one similar challenge: attracting–and retaining–new customers. Your range of advertising options is vast, from online ad placements to television commercials to print marketing. However, direct mail campaigns utilizing laminated postcard mailers offer a range of benefits that other forms of advertisement cannot, boosting your marketing campaign’s effectiveness and helping you get the most out of valuable dollars spent. But what is it about direct mail that makes this type of advertising so successful?

Direct mail marketing allows you to target specific types of customers.

Every type of business has a corresponding type of typical customer; this target consumer can be defined by their age, income level, education status, hobbies and more. Whatever your business’ customer profile is, you’ll obviously generate better results from your marketing campaign if you aim your advertisements at only these customers. However, this is an impossible task with many forms of advertisements, from television commercials to newspaper advertisements. Direct mail, however, lets you refine your mailing list to reach only those potential customers likely to become actual customers.

Direct mail campaigns help you make the most of every marketing dollar spent.

The ability to create a targeted direct mailing list translates directly into savings for your business. You won’t need to waste money on advertising to those who are unlikely to ever set foot in your store or navigate onto your website. In addition, the customizable nature of direct mail plastic postcards means that you can tailor your marketing message more effectively. For example, using a plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs can boost your marketing effectiveness without significantly adding to your costs.

A direct mail campaign produces results.

The success of any marketing push is measured by how many new customers you’re able to get in your door–and in this respect, direct mail has all other advertising methods beat handily. According to the Data & Marketing Association’s 2017 Response Rate Report, direct mail sent to prospective customers generates a 2.9 percent response rate, far greater than e-mail blasts (0.2 percent), paid search (0.6 percent), online displays (0.2 percent) and social media (0.4 percent). In other words, you’re likely to generate 15 times the response from your direct mail plastic postcards than from a marketing e-mail!

At Dynamicard, our team of direct mail specialists are experts at crafting direct mail campaigns from start to finish. Whatever your business, we can help you create an effective plastic postcard mailer, develop a targeted mailing list and track your results. To learn more about our entire suite of direct mail services, please contact us today.