According to one recent study conducted by the National Retail Federation, Halloween spending in the United States hit a massive $9.0 billion in 2018. Americans spent an average of $86.13 per person at brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers during the season, and that is one trend that shows no signs of slowing anytime soon.

But for as popular as Halloween is, it’s also not something you want to wait until October 1 to start embracing as a part of your larger marketing campaign. If you truly want to make sure as much of that money is possible is funneled in your direction, you need to start leaning into the Halloween aspect of your seasonal marketing campaign TODAY.

The Power of a Well-Timed Halloween Marketing Campaign

Make absolutely no mistake about it: your customers are already thinking about what Halloween costumes they’re going to wear this year which means you need to be thinking about the season, too.

Hollywood understands this in a way we can all learn from. Trailers for horror movies coming out in October start airing before other films as early in the year as May. They do this to build anticipation and to tap into a seasonal feeling that is still growing in the hearts of their audience members.

You can do the exact same thing by sending out well-timed plastic postcards with Halloween themes BEFORE the big day arrives. With a plastic postcard, someone can pin it up on their refrigerator so that your brand is still fresh in their mind as their excitement for the holiday builds and builds.

With a partner like DynamiCard, you can even get very creative with it. You can send out collateral with custom die cut pop-out shapes that really lean into the spooky nature of Halloween AND provide your audience members with an offer of genuine value. You could even include offer codes and QR codes on your collateral to begin a relationship with a prospect via direct mail and continue it on the Internet.

But if you wait until October arrives before you start thinking about Halloween, you won’t be taking advantage of that seasonal momentum. It will have left you far, far behind while you weren’t paying attention.

If you’d like to find out more information about why it’s so important to get your retail marketing customers ready for Halloween sooner rather than later, or if you’d just like to discuss additional ways to leverage seasonal marketing to your advantage, please don’t delaycontact us today.