Yes, it’s true that the vast majority of Americans own a smartphone of some kind. Sure, we’re spending more and more time on the Internet with each passing day. But in terms of not only reaching members of your target audience but striking a genuine, emotional chord within them, you’ll still have to work hard to come up with something better, more effective or more powerful than direct mail.

Even within the realm of direct mail, there are a wide range of different reasons why direct mail postcards are absolutely something that you should be using across your campaigns. As you go searching for direct mail postcard companies to work with, be sure to keep a few key things in mind.

The Effectiveness of Direct Mail Postcards: Breaking It Down

To be clear, direct mail postcards aren’t just incredibly effective – they’re actually the most effective form of direct mail advertising that exists today, at least as far as statistics are concerned. One study said that 56% of postcards are legitimately read by their recipients, which is a higher percentage than nearly ALL other forms of direct mail marketing that you might be using.

Direct mail postcards don’t just present an opportunity for a strong piece of visual collateral (remember that the vast majority of your audience is going to be made up of heavily visual learners), but they’re also a great way to create quality, concise content for your consumers, they’re the perfect way for you to create better and more targeted campaigns AND they save you time and money on direct mail postcard cost because they’re far easier to design than something like a brochure but are just as effective (if not more so). Direct mail postcard prices are also very competitive considering the amount of return that you can expect.

All this, AND you get to enjoy the other benefits that direct mail advertising has to offer – like the fact that a full 48% of people tend to retain direct mail after receipt for future reference and that an astounding 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately compared to the 45% of email recipients where the same thing is true.

Now, it’s important to note that none of this is to say that direct mail should replace your other (often more digital) techniques entirely. There are still some people out there where email or digital ads will be the best way to reach them. But the next time that someone tells you that direct mail is too “old school” or that postcards are antiquated or out-of-date, just remember: oftentimes things are part of the “old school” for a reason.

The power of direct mail advertising certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and to that end, direct mail postcards are absolutely one of the best techniques that you have access to when you need them the most. To get a direct mail postcard estimate or to discuss the specifics of your direct mail postcard quote in more detail, don’t delay – contact us today.