Your restaurant has many potential options when designing a marketing campaign, from television commercials and online advertisements to marketing e-mails and more. So many of these advertising avenues, however, fall short when it comes to actually enticing new customers in your front door. The immediacy and personal impact of direct mail helps it stand out from other marketing methods, but creating a truly effective direct mail campaign requires that you choose the right partner. At Dynamicard, our long track-record of working with restaurants has provided us with the expertise needed to create successful plastic postcard mailers for restaurants.

Full-Scale Design and Print Services

Any successful marketing campaign begins with grabbing your target audience’s attention. Dynamicard’s design and print team knows how to create high-quality, interest-grabbing mailers with no design experience needed on your part. With a standard turn-around time of just five to seven days, Dynamicard can have your restaurant’s plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs in your prospective diners’ hands in no time.

Tailored Prospect List Creation

No matter how eye-catching your plastic postcard mailer is, it must end up in the right hands in order to generate new traffic for your restaurant. At Dynamicard, our mailing experts can work with you to create a precisely-targeted mailing list, allowing you to aim your direct mail campaign only at those who are likely to become actual diners–and helping you avoid wasting your valuable marketing dollars.

Comprehensive Direct Mail Tracking and Analytics

All marketing efforts require careful strategy in order to be successful. With Dynamicard’s DynamiScan service in combination with our tracking capabilities, your restaurant can be certain that your mailer ends up in the right hands. What’s more, by using Dynamicard to track the response to your direct mail campaign, you can take steps to tailor your future marketing efforts even further, boosting the effectiveness of your long-term marketing strategy.

From start to finish, Dynamicard is able to help you with every step of your restaurant marketing campaign. We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges that a restaurant faces when trying to stand out from the competition. Our direct mail experts can craft a high impact plastic postcard mailer and help you target the right potential diners, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of your restaurant’s marketing efforts. To learn more about our complete range of direct mail services for restaurants, please contact us today.