Whether you sell beauty products online or supply automotive repair services, the key to an effective marketing campaign is always the same: a strong response rate. After all, the goal of any advertising push is to bring in new customers, and the success of whatever marketing type you choose–television commercials, newspaper advertisements, marketing e-mails, and so on–can be measured by the number of prospective customers it brings to your doors. That’s why direct mail marketing combined with analytics is so powerful. A plastic postcard mailer is already an incredibly effective marketing tool, but utilizing direct mail analytics can take your results to the next level. Here are the three key ways you can increase your response rate using direct mail analytics.

By Allowing You to Create Targeted Buyer Profiles

All businesses have an ideal typical buyer, defined by a range of character traits: household income, age, location, education level and more. Figuring out who this buyer is makes it possible to target your marketing campaign more effectively, sending your plastic postcard mailers only to those potential customers likely to become actual ones–and thus dramatically improving your response rate.

By Helping You Segment Your Targeted Audience More Effectively

Of course, effective marketing doesn’t just depend on figuring out who your target customers are; your business also needs to know which offers are most appealing to which buyers within your target profile. Direct mail analytics can help you understand which offers are most likely to entice which potential customers on your mailing list, allowing you to tailor your laminated postcard mailers to fit the interests of each segment and boosting your overall response rate.

By Making it Possible to Review Your Customer Response

Tailoring your mailing list and offers are both important steps to improving your response rate; however, reviewing and evaluating how a previous direct mail campaign fared can help make the next one even more effective. Direct mail analytics makes it possible to track your customer response to particular offers, letting you trim your mailing list and helping you avoid sending the same offer to the same customer repeatedly.

Dynamicard’s team of direct mail experts understands how to craft an effective direct mail campaign from start to finish, from designing an eye-catching plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs to tracking the responsiveness of individual customer segments. To find out more about how our direct mail analytics services can help your business’ response rate, please contact us today with any questions.