Did you know that within the next five years, there will be more Americans over the age of 65 than there will be kids under the age of 15? It’s true – the Baby Boomer generation is more powerful than ever and if you really want to target them with your marketing strategy, there are a few key things you should know.

The Generational Marketing Strategy You Need Has Arrived

When speaking to any audience, one of the most important things you can do involves tailoring your marketing copy to play directly into the things that they’re concerned about. For Baby Boomers, they’re increasingly occupied with products and services that can help them live independently all throughout their twilight years. Therefore, if you want to capture the attention of this omnipresent generation, you need to create collateral and copy that acknowledges this fact – providing that it applies to your brand in the first place, of course.

Likewise, don’t be afraid to experiment with not only the direct mail techniques that you’re using, but the TYPES of collateral that you’re sending out to Baby Boomers everywhere. When you partner with an organization like DynamiCard, for example, you can take full advantage of our jumbo-sized plastic postcard templates that come in at an impressive 8.5″ by 5.5″.

Truly, this is a terrific way to stand out in a crowd and capture a senior’s attention – they’re certainly not going to be receiving any other mail that day that comes in at that particular size. Along the same lines, the extra space really allows for you to use larger fonts, supporting graphics, additional copywriting and more. All of this helps to cement the idea in a Baby Boomer’s mind that YOURS is the brand they should be paying attention to.

With targeted mailing, you can extend these gains even further by targeting people not only by age but also income-level, martial and/or family status, homeownership status and more. Whatever your ideal customer looks like, you’ll be able to take your message directly to their mailbox – all thanks to the power that only direct mail and generational marketing brings to the table.

If you’d like to find out more information about how to leverage the full power of generational marketing to your advantage, or if you just have any additional questions that you’d like to discuss in a bit more detail, please don’t delaycontact us today.