The aroma of muffins right out of the oven, the smell of piping-hot pizza or the scent of freshly-brewed coffee: whatever type of cuisine your restaurant offers, it has its own set of enticing smells that greet your diners when they walk in the door. The effect of pleasant scents is undeniable; indeed, studies have shown that enjoyable fragrances can provide a significant boost in mood, and smell is the sense most closely linked to memory. As such an effective marketing tool for your business, don’t you wish you could package your restaurant’s wonderful food aromas and send them to your potential customers? With scratch and sniff plastic postcard mailers, you can! This innovative new offering brings another dimension to your plastic postcard mailer, boosting your marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

The Power of Scent

It turns out that one of the most effective ways to craft a powerful and successful advertisement is to simply appeal to your prospective customers’ sense of smell. GfK Global, a market research firm, found that the use of scent in advertisements boosts potential customers’ memory of the ad by 19 percent, with 79 percent of all customers taking action on a scented ad. Overall, scented ads are read more than the same ads without scent. Clearly, adding scent to your marketing campaign has the potential to dramatically increase your results!

The Many Benefits of Scratch and Sniff

Imagine receiving a plastic postcard mailer with a scratch and sniff feature yourself. It’s both powerful and novel; you’re likely to both hold on to it and show it to your friends, right? In fact, scratch and sniff does increase both message retention and pass-along rate. By creating a memorable advertisement that create an aura of fun and whimsy around your restaurant, a plastic postcard mailer with a scratch and sniff feature has the ability to tempt your potential diners and draw new clientele into your restaurant.

Introducing Dynamicard’s New Scratch and Sniff Plastic Card Mailers for Restaurants

Proving yet again that Dynamicard is at the cutting-edge of direct mail innovation, we are pleased to present our newest plastic postcard mailer feature: scratch and sniff scents. With hundreds of scents to choose from, every type of restaurant can find the perfect aroma to compliment their advertising message. Bakeries can send their prospective customers a plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-out that smells of fresh-baked apple pie or enticing cinnamon rolls; pizza parlors can advertise their delicious pies with the rich smell of pizza itself! From dill pickle to gingerbread, Dynamicard has curated a list of scents that are certain to elevate your plastic postcard mailer and make an unforgettable impact on your target customers. To find out more, please contact us for samples and a free quote.