After researching all of your business’ advertising options, you’ve decided to opt for direct mail marketing. Wonderful! But how can you be certain that your plastic postcard mailer reaches the hands of the potential buyers most likely to become actual customers? In a digital world, many business owners expect to receive fast feedback for their online marketing campaigns, yet think that the effects of their direct mail advertisements must be left to chance. Direct mail tracking disproves this assumption. With an effective tracking system, your business will be able to tell exactly how successful your direct mail campaign is after just one mailing. Here are the three key reasons why direct mail tracking is so important–and how your business can take steps to ensure that your plastic postcard mailer ends up with the right prospective customers.

Know Which Segments Are Responsive–And Which Are Unresponsive

Without understanding who your ideal buyer is, you may end up sending your mailer to groups who are unlikely to ever become customers. Direct mail tracking can help fix that. By keeping track of who received and redeemed your offer, you can quickly see which demographics respond well to your business’ products and which do not.

Understand Which Offers Are the Highest Performers

Knowing which offers are most enticing to prospective customers is just as critical as knowing who that customer is. By revealing which offer is redeemed more than others–and which offer is less attractive, even to those in your key demographics–direct mail tracking allows you to understand how best to tailor your coupons.

Recognize What Combination of Offer and Demographics Results in the Highest Returns

The most effective way to ensure the success of your direct mail campaign is to match the right buyer with the right offers–and direct mail tracking can make that possible. By showing which combination provides the highest ROI on your advertising dollars, direct mail tracking can help your business make the most of your marketing budget.

How DynamiScan Can Help Maximize the Results of Your Direct Mail Campaign

At Dynamicard, we understand how important it is to get fast and accurate feedback on the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign. That’s why we introduced DynamiScan. This patent-pending exclusive technology allows our customers to accurately yet discreetly track the responses to their direct mailings: which demographics became purchasers, which did not, and which offers were right for which customers. With DynamiScan’s direct mail tracking, you can easily eliminate low responding segments from your mailing list as well as keeping current customers from receiving an unnecessary second offer.

Want to learn more about Dynamicard’s product offerings and how we can help your business succeed? Just contact us today for more information on our products and to receive a free quote.

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