The world we’re living in these days is an increasingly digital one – there really is no getting around that at this point. Cell phones have become a ubiquitous part of our lives. We’re essentially on the Internet all day, every day. With that in mind, now would be the perfect time to say “good bye” to direct mail marketing forever in favor of an “all in” push on email marketing, right?

Not at all.

A far as lead generation is concerned, now is actually the time to double down on your direct mail marketing efforts for a number of different reasons that are more than worth exploring.

The Troubles With Email Marketing

One thing that a lot of business owners fail to realize until it’s far too late is that email marketing absolutely has its fair share of issues… which also happen to be direct mail’s greatest assets.

For starters, people receive dozens or even hundreds of emails every day – deleting or archiving a message without reading it is essentially muscle memory, at this point. And email providers, like Gmail, who auto-sort emails into a “Promotions” folder, make getting your message seen even less likely. Direct mail, on the other hand, is far more difficult to ignore. At the very least, you know that someone is going to bring your message into their home. They’re going to look at it for a few seconds, bare minimum. If your collateral is properly and thoughtfully designed, that may be everything you need to capture the right person’s attention.

Likewise, direct mail collateral such as plastic postcards are very easy to hang onto over the long-term. People can pin your plastic postcard up on their refrigerator, or snap-out the promotion gift card(s) to store it in their wallet for future redemption. Even if someone DOES positively respond to your email, the chances are high that it’s just going to get lost in all the noise anyway. People will get distracted or your message will get buried tomorrow (or the next day) beneath hundreds of messages in someone’s inbox.

Whereas with email they have to work very hard to remember you, that’s the beauty of direct mail collateral – remembering you couldn’t possibly be easier!

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