When you think about advertising for your salon, spa or other heath and beauty related business, you probably immediately think of all the online marketing options available today. While you may certainly benefit from this type of advertising, there is another method that you should be utilizing—direct mail.

According to stats from Gallup.com, 41 percent of people look forward to checking their mail, and another 58 percent react neutrally to checking their mail daily and are thus likely to do it regularly. Compare that to the numbers who are likely to read your email or banner ad, and the results are stunning. Companies who take advantage of direct mail will get immediate access to customers.

Direct mail marketing is very easy for you to target to just the consumers who are most likely to utilize your services. This ease of targeting is crucial in a health and beauty business because it is quite likely your audience is rather niche. No business owner can afford to waste advertising on a consumer who is not likely to become a customer.

In your field, it is important to get the word out about your services to new clients, but also to touch base with your existing customers and make sure they are taking advantage of your special offers or seasonal events. To make the best use of direct mail marketing, you may want to purchase lists of names that are relevant to your business—that way you can approach the right people at the right time.

One final thing to remember about direct mail marketing is that you can take advantage of today’s technology to create mailers that are visually appealing and that would allow a customer to connect with you both online and off. In that way, direct mail can bridge the gap between your online and offline marketing plans. What could be better than that? Give us a call at 800-928-7670 for more info.