Standing out from the competition is important for businesses of any type–but for those in the automotive industry, the need for a memorable marketing campaign is even greater. So many forms of advertisements don’t connect with the recipient and are thus easy for your target audience to ignore. A plastic postcard mailer, however, can incorporate special features that allow you to capture your potential customers’ attention and distinguish yourself from your automotive rivals who rely on impersonal marketing methods such as television commercials and newspaper ads. Here are three of the most effective special postcard mailer features that automotive companies can use to enhance their customer appeal and boost their marketing effectiveness.

Key Tags for Increased Marketing Visibility

What better place for an automotive business to advertise than on key chains? Including a pop-out key tag with your laminated postcard mailer will allow your business to turn your customers’ key chains into walking billboards–providing a continual reminder to your current customers and boosting exposure to future clients.

Bar Coding for Improved Customer Tracking

Any marketing campaign needs to be able to track its customer response in order to be effective. Without a way to gauge customer interest, your automotive business can never be certain that your marketing method is connecting with the right customers. A plastic postcard mailer with an individual bar code for each target customer can let you follow customer response closely and see which offers are most successful for your business.

Scratch-Off Cards for Added Gift Card Functionality

Utilizing a plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs is a wonderful way to engage your prospective customers and really capture their interest. Your automotive business can boost this effect even further, however, by turning your gift card pop-outs into scratch-off cards. By using the scratch-off coating to conceal a discount code, you can turn your gift card offer into something truly intriguing and special, or you can choose to personalize your discounts for each individual customer.

As a leader in direct mail services, Dynamicard has worked with businesses throughout the automotive industry. We understand the unique challenges that businesses in this sector face, and can help you craft a plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs that will provide your business with the greatest returns on your marketing dollars. Learn more about our entire range of direct mail services and receive a free quote by contacting us today.