For specialized industries like food delivery services, marketing is less about outright promotion and is more about informing and educating your audience than a lot of people realize. People are looking for as much information as possible while they get ready to make a purchase. By taking control of that information via your marketing efforts and making sure that the information they seek comes directly from your business, you therefore increase the chances that when the time comes to make a purchase, they’re going to make it directly from you.

For Food Delivery Services, Content is King

If you truly want to improve your marketing efforts, consider creating content that helps to explain the ordering process in greater detail. Not only will this help show your customers what you do, but it will also outline why it’s so important in the first place.

Then, you can share an invitation code and/or discount for the prospect to go online and place their first order. Not only are they more likely to do this armed with the information you’ve just given them, but it also makes them more likely to share information with their friends and family members. You can even get them to share your app with others if you also include a special offer for each person they get to download it.

Likewise, consider expanding your targeted mailing efforts with a list of partnering restaurants or trusted brands. Create postcard mailers and other materials that truly help to underline just what makes “premium food delivery” so special to begin with. List all of the features or benefits – like access to healthy, organic and fresh ingredients – that they either wouldn’t otherwise have access to, or that would be far too difficult for them to obtain on their own.

In the end, remember that your customers lead busy lives and this is absolutely something that you should be using to your advantage. By providing them with this informative and educational information and allowing them to keep it at the ready, you significantly increase the chances of them logging in to give your delivery service a try. Once you’ve gotten them to that point, you can then allow the services to speak for themselves.

If you have any additional questions about the right approach to food delivery services marketing, or if you’re curious about how to expand your targeted mailing efforts and really take things to the next level, please don’t delay – contact us today.