From automotive service centers to car dealerships, businesses in the automotive industry face a variety of unique challenges in attracting new customers. A car is one of the biggest purchases that a person can make, and protecting that investment is critically important to most vehicle owners. Capturing the interest of a prospective customer means preparing them to spend a lot of money with you or making them willing to trust your ability to protect their beloved car. The first step in this process is grabbing a potential customer’s attention–but then you have to offer them something of value to make them ready to step through your doors. A direct mail marketing campaign utilizing a plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs can help jump start your automotive business’ marketing efforts.

Capturing customers’ attention is the first challenge.

If your prospective customers don’t know your business, there’s no chance they’ll come to you to purchase a new car or service their existing one. Direct mail marketing postcards offer many advantages over other marketing methods in terms of piquing a potential customer’s interest. It makes sense; we all pay attention to mail with our name on it, right?

Maintaining their interest in your business is the second hurdle.

You’ve captured their attention; now can you keep it? If your target customer forgets about your business minutes after reading your direct mail marketing postcard, you’ve lost their business before you even had it. However, by incorporating special features into your laminated postcard mailers, you can sustain your audience’s curiosity. From key cards to scratch-off promotional areas to gift card pop-outs, plastic postcard mailers provide you with almost endless options to hold a target’s attention.

Offering your prospective customers something of value can get them in your door.

Whether a potential customer is a first-time car owner or has decades of experience with vehicle ownership, getting them to choose your establishment requires offering them something that sets you apart from the competition. A plastic postcard mailer with gift-card pop outs can be just the ticket. These thick, laminated promotional gift cards feel like credit cards and provide your target audience with something that feels valuable and–most importantly–that they’ll want to use.

At Dynamicard, our experienced team of direct mail experts has a long and successful track-record of working with businesses in the automotive industry. We understand the particular challenges that dealerships, repair shops, mechanics and others within the industry face, and our professionals can help you craft direct mail plastic postcards that will win new customers. Find out more about our complete range of direct mail services by contacting us today.