Anyone in the health and beauty industry knows that carrying out an effective marketing campaign for this type of business is challenging. Like any other business, you need your marketing materials to capture your potential customers’ attention quickly–but the nature of your products and services means that your advertising method must seem luxurious, opulent and upscale in order to convey the right message. That’s where laminated postcard mailers come in. By using a plastic postcard mailer in your direct mail campaign, you can generate interest in your business while also creating an aura of quality and richness around your offerings. Here are the top three ways that laminated postcard mailers can help health and beauty companies achieve stunning marketing results.

By Grabbing Potential Clients’ Attention

Any marketing method can only be effective if it catches the attention of prospective customers. By utilizing a thick, glossy plastic postcard mailer complete with high-quality graphics and added features, you can be certain that your direct mail campaign will immediately pique your target clientele’s interest. Forgot television ads or marketing e-mails; a plastic postcard mailer in your potential client’s hand has unparalleled attention-grabbing impact.

By Offering High Perceived Value

You want your prospective clients to feel pampered, and sending them a plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs is one of the best ways to provide them with something luxurious and special. Because recipients tend to view gift cards like gift certificates with actual monetary value, they’ll feel as though you’re sending them something with intrinsic worth–as well as something that they’ll want to use.

By Integrating High-Quality Features

A simple plastic postcard mailer already has high-impact qualities such as thick, durable material and high-color graphics, but the use of special features can increase the opulence of your mailer even further. From scratch and sniff to personalized discounts hidden under scratch-off coating, laminated postcard mailers offer many options to help you create a marketing tool that can truly convey the experience that your health and beauty company provides.

The direct mail specialists at Dynamicard are experts at crafting effective, high-impact laminated postcard mailers for health and beauty companies. We understand how to create a plastic postcard mailer that will instantly grab your target audience’s interest, maximizing the results of your direct mail campaign and achieving the highest return on your marketing dollars. To find out more about our complete range of direct mail service, please contact us today.