Direct mail marketing can be an incredibly powerful and effective form of advertising for businesses of all kinds. However, the success of any such campaign depends on targeting the correct prospective customers, which is something many companies find challenging. For example, what age is your ideal customer? Are homeowners or renters more likely to follow up on your plastic postcard mailer? If you don’t know this information, you stand to lose thousands of dollars sending your mailers to demographics who are unlikely to respond to your offer. The answers to these questions and more can be found through the use of direct mail analytics, and here are the three key ways that your business can use analytics to help make your direct mail campaign more successful.

Create Targeted Buyer Profiles

Whatever your business offers, there is a certain profile that represents your typical buyer: a particular age range, location, household income and so on. Understanding who your buyer is allows you to target your direct mail marketing towards those who are likely to respond to your offer and avoid wasting money sending mailers to those who don’t fit your demographics. This is what direct mail analytics allows your business to do: statistically identify your key demographics through such techniques as geo targeting in order to provide the highest return on your advertising dollars.

Segment Your Audience More Effectively

Through analytics, you may find that more than one type of buyer is interested in your product, but each different buyer profile has different characteristics that make separate offers more appealing. For example, your direct mail analytic efforts might reveal that both men and women are interested in your business’ wares but for different reasons. Once you understand this, you can tailor your plastic postcard mailers to each group, resulting in a higher overall response rate.

Review and Evaluate Your Customer Response

Measuring the success of your direct mail campaign is key to making the next one even more effective. Direct mail analytics allows you to track which prospective customers respond to your offers, making it possible to trim down your mailing list even further and avoid sending duplicate offers to the same customers again and again.

At Dynamicard, our DynamiScan service makes it possible to closely and thoroughly track the results achieved from your plastic postcard mailer campaign, from which demographics are most responsive to which offers bring in the most customers. Through the analytic data provided, your business can save thousands of dollars by only targeting those segments that are most likely to become customers. To learn more about our services, please contact us for a free quote.