Regardless of how thoughtfully constructed your marketing strategy is, the chances that you’re going to hear a lot of “NO” responses from your customers is high. But there IS a way to take that response and turn it into the enthusiastic “YES” you’ve been waiting for. All you have to do is leverage the power of modern psychology to your advantage.

It’s All About Control

To get a better understanding of how to take a “NO” response and turn it into a “YES,” you must first learn more about why most people choose the former over the latter in a first place. When a consumer comes into contact with a marketer, they’re essentially battling for control over an experience – whether either party realizes it or not is inconsequential.

So when someone tells you “no,” they’re now in control of the trajectory of the experience. They’re secure and they’re confident but, more than that, they’ve made everything that you try to do from that point on essentially an uphill battle.

Therefore, what you need to do with your copywriting in particular is try to begin as much of your collateral as possible with a question that prompts that “no” response. If the first question you ask essentially amounts to “will you buy my product?”, the chances that you’ll get that immediate “no” are high. But if you ask “do you want to continue struggling with x,y,z problem?” When that question is reflected back on the person or is otherwise unrelated to the intent to purchase, it accomplishes a few key things at the same time.

From your perspective, you get that “no” out of the way immediately. If you play your cards right, you’ve also given your consumer a chance to be self-reflective. From their point of view, they’re still in control – they got to say “no” and now they’re far more open to explore what you have to offer as a solution to their problem.

Therefore, if you build your direct mail marketing campaign that begins with a “no” and then use your copywriting to segue that emotion into a “yes,” you put yourself in a far better position to make that sale you were after in the first place!

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