One of the best things about being a marketer in the modern age is that data is literally everywhere. All day, people are uploading massive volumes of information about themselves – all of which you can use to your advantage. If you know what someone likes, what they don’t like, where they live and what type of lifestyle they have, you have most of the pieces you need to create marketing collateral that can’t help but resonate and motivate.

But at the same time, one has to wonder – what happens when the quality of the data becomes less important than the volume? It’s a very real risk – and it’s one that you’ll want to try and avoid for a number of key reasons.

Bad Data is a Danger to Your Direct Mail Efforts

By far, the number one consequence of cheap data is that you’re more or less guaranteeing inaccurate results. Targeted mailing only works if the information you’re using to target specific people is as accurate as it can be. Poor data doesn’t just mean that you won’t be able to craft a personal message to a core group of people – you actually run the risk of creating one that does more harm than good.

This is why, in the end, it pays to either purchase (or rent, if you prefer) mailing lists from only TRUSTED vendors. Remember the age old rule of buying just about anything: if a deal seems like it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

At Dynamicard, for example, our team of data specialists are experts in mailing list cleaning and similar techniques. They’re also up-to-date on NCOA, Cass and De-Duplication and more. All of this is to say that we handle all of these services in house, guaranteeing the best possible results while always keeping you in the loop at all times.

If you choose to rent a list through Dynamicard, know that we ONLY source from databases that are updated on a monthly basis. This alone can significantly cut down on the risk of working from inaccurate or incomplete information. Likewise, all of our lists have a guaranteed deliverable rate of at least 94% – improving both your response rate and your ultimate return on investment even further.

If you’d like to find out more information about the potential consequences of poor data selections, or if you have any additional questions about how a partner like Dynamicard might be able to optimize your marketing strategy for all time, please don’t delay – contact us today.