Contacting your potential customers using a plastic postcard mailer is a great way to make a splash and assure that you will be remembered. While taking the time to figure out your target audience and reaching the right people is important, just as important is contacting these individuals at the right time.

What is the “Right Time?”
The right time to send out a direct mailing may vary significantly depending on your business. For instance, if you own a lawn care service, getting in touch with potential customers in early spring before they make other plans, is a good idea. An electronics store may have better response in the fourth quarter when customers are planning to make purchases for gifts. An additional consideration is vacation—avoiding spring break or the summer vacation season may give you a better response rate.

Choosing the Best Time to Connect
Take a look at your ideal customer’s habits. When are they most likely to respond? Additionally, think about the seasons where you are already busy and those which you have extra time and could benefit from additional business—that could be an excellent opportunity to offer a promotion. Then, before scheduling your campaign, plan ahead and make sure you order your plastic postcard mailers ahead of time—that way you are ready to go on the ideal launch day.

Track Response
Ensure that you have a process in place to track response to your mailers. That way you can decide if your timing was right. Perhaps you will see a pattern that will enable you to choose an even better launch day next time.

In the world of direct mailing, timing is everything. After all, if you spend the money for eye-catching mailers, you want them to be seen! If you have any questions or concerns about how to launch your next direct mail campaign, reach out to the Dynamicard team. Our goal is always to help you achieve the best return on investment for your direct mailing as possible. Give us a call at 800-928-7670.