Don’t overlook the latest in restaurant marketing opportunities to support your restaurant or cocktail lounge. Research shows that direct mail marketing is an excellent way to build a stronger reputation that can lead to more customers and a larger following.

Our personalized high impact Plastic Postcard Mailers are very effective with all of our customers, and especially with our restaurant clientele. According to the Direct Mail Marketing Association’s 2016 report, direct mail is growing because the consumer engagement is higher as the clutter declines. Personalization and relevance are meaningful. The DMA found that customer response rates increased on a yearly basis by an impressive 43%. Additionally, prospect response rates more than doubled – showing an amazing 190% increase!

Interesting, POWERFUL, and effective direct mail marketing is vital to a restaurant’s success. We are proud to report that our direct mail campaigns consistently delivers with ROI response rates of 12% plus, and we have the data to prove it. These figures far exceed regular direct mail results.

Another tip is to apply for a Better Business Bureau review if you haven’t already done so. When your restaurant or cocktail lounge is approved, make it a point to place the Better Business Bureau logo on your website, brochures, menus, business cards, and Plastic Postcard Mailer campaigns.

We offer our clients an inside track on the challenges of the restaurant marketing industry. Our perfectly targeted and skillfully designed Plastic Postcard Mailer Campaigns are sent to existing and potential customers. We work carefully with clients to identify the most effective lists that represent the ideal customer in addition to their regular patrons.

For the vast majority of our customers, our relationship is more of a close partnership than anything else. We deliver a vast array of services, and we do whatever we can to help our clients so that they don’t have to deal with five or six sources all over town. Their needs can range from a new logo for a new service they plan to introduce to stock photography that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Please take a moment to contact us for samples and a free quote.