The subject of direct mail performance vs. email performance has been tossed around for a long time. The bottom line includes one major issue with email marketing that involves sending people unsolicited emails.

This becomes a problem given the email filters that many firms and individuals use. If you use email, it’s best to develop a permission-based list. That being said, consider the fact that some individuals view any type of sales related email as spam, and sometimes just one word like “winner” can set off a rejection trigger.

Additionally, if your customers or potential customers approve of a once a month email and you end up sending two emails a week, you’re asking for trouble because many people will simply cancel.

The Emails That Never Arrive

It’s entirely possible that your email/emails may never reach your targeted audience. We mentioned spam filters for certain words such as winner, free, etc. that could trigger spam filters. When that happens, no one on your end is the wiser.

What About a Shut Down of Your Site?

Although it was not your intent to annoy people, much less spam them, if a fair number of individuals report your emails as spam to your web host, you run the risk of your web host shutting down your website. Please take this advice seriously because it could actually happen. As if negative PR is not bad enough, this could have a major impact on your brand, reputation, and income.

Plastic Postcard Mailer Deliver Advantages Over Email           

The Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns that we develop for clients feature the very latest in plastic postcard mailers with original designs based on the client’s industry and objectives. We also provide clients with targeted lists based on specific demographics such as location, favorite sports, holidays, and grand openings, etc.

Our clients enjoy the convenience of one stop shopping with us compared to dealing with multiple sources. To be specific, we create designs, produce targeted mailing lists, and provide the highest print quality and tracking to assure clients of the best return on investment in the industry.

Our designers will also create a complementary mockup to give you an idea of the total design. Clients also have the option of selecting friendly, environmental marketing. These Direct Mail Marketing campaigns are based on social purposes that drive innovation and increase brand awareness,
These are just some of the many reasons why we have won the 5000 award 4 years in a row. Give us a call. Better yet, do both!!