Whether you sell ties or tires, all retail businesses face certain unique challenges when trying to reach new customers and retain existing ones. A wide variety of marketing options are available to you, but many common types of advertisements will fail to make an effective impact on your target customers–if they even see them at all. Cord cutting has reduced the power of television commercials for attracting new business, and spam filters have rendered many marketing e-mails invisible to potential customers. On the other hand, a direct mail marketing campaign using laminated postcard mailers remains impossible to ignore. In fact, the Direct Marketing Association found that direct mail is between 10 and 30 times more effective than e-mail! How can a plastic postcard mailer help your retail business in its marketing efforts?

By Actually Reaching Your Target Customers

Experienced retailers know that an advertisement has to reach your potential customers in order to be effective, and plastic postcard mailers offer a key advantage over other marketing methods in this regard. Television commercials can be skipped or muted and e-mails can be sent directly to spam; even other forms of direct mail can get mangled in transit. A plastic postcard mailer, however, will certainly reach your intended target and be noticed.

By Grabbing Potential Shoppers’ Attention With a Gift Card

Utilizing a plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs is one of the most effective ways to capture shoppers’ interest. Most recipients regard these promotional gift cards like gift certificates with actual value, and few people are willing to ignore or throw away real money. Add to this the credit card-like thickness of a laminated postcard mailer, and this marketing method is certain to grab your target audience’s attention.

By Offering a Durable Reminder of Your Business

Too often advertisements reach interested customers at the wrong time. For example, someone who just bought a new car doesn’t need replacement tires immediately–but they will eventually. The durability of a plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-out means that these potential customers can easily hang on to your advertisement until they need your wares, keeping you in the front of your customers’ minds.

At Dynamicard, our direct mail marketing experts have a long and successful track record working with retail clients, both online and off. We understand the distinct challenges that retailers face in attracting new customers, and we can work with you to craft an effective plastic postcard mailer that offers a strong return on your marketing dollars. Learn more about all of our of direct mail services by contacting us today.