When you’ve decided to open a new restaurant, you have many big decisions to make. You want the food and the atmosphere to be JUST RIGHT for your customers. However, you can’t expect to succeed in a competitive marketplace if you don’t focus on restaurant marketing in a VERY big way. Why is it important to make a big impression? Consider these four reasons—just for starters.
•    Word of Mouth Takes Time – They say the best advertising is word of mouth advertising. While that is great, it takes time to kick in and start bringing you, new customers. How will you pay the bills in the meantime?

•    First Impressions Matter – Whether or not people see your new restaurant as a “must visit” dining spot, or it falls by the wayside may be established in the first few days. The impression you make on the dining public now will impact you forever. Make that impression BIG!

•    Thousands of New Restaurants Open Each Year – In 2012, for instance, the total number of US restaurants increased by over 4,000! This means you will need to do something to stand out from the crowd.

•    Make a Big Impact, and the Message Will Grow – The best thing about a big grand opening today is that it will extend far beyond your four walls. Make your opening an event, and you’ll get social media exposure that can put your name out in front of even more customers. You want to WOW everyone who can dine with you during the early days.

Direct marketing can make a big impact on how successful your grand opening is—and hold a major role in your ongoing restaurant marketing plan too. You shouldn’t settle for the same boring mailers and announcements that everyone else uses. Discover how the plastic postcard mailer can take your marketing campaign to the next level and help you make that big impression you desire!