In response to the changing and highly competitive landscape at retail, an increasingly large percentage of progressive retailers are leveraging their market positions with innovative loyalty programs.

By making a decision to develop a variety of engaging loyalty programs featuring attractive plastic postcard mailers, retailers are able to increase their customer base and generate repeat sales. Another benefit is that these campaigns are adding to the bottom line. This revenue generating direct mail support is tied to value-added customer benefits. 

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Retail loyalty campaigns are a perfect choice for upscale department stores, or exclusive boutiques offering free personal shoppers. Since spare time has become a luxury in our society, personal shoppers are in demand. In fact, It has gotten to the point where some online stores are even using the services of personal shoppers. 

There are any number of ways that creative retail campaigns could be designed and effectively launched. In addition to announcing new or free retail services such as personal shoppers, a store may want to promote specific items, and/or the introduction of a new brand. Depending on the retailer, a loyalty program might support an upscale designer department with lucrative incentives and sign-up rewards that are too tempting for consumers to resist. 

With any new rewards program, it’s important to introduce the program to customers in the same manner that new products are introduced. Cashiers and sales associates should be trained so that they understand all of the benefits and details about how these programs work before they can start explaining the advantages to customers. In addition to training classes, it’s important to create printed materials with program details for all employees since everyone learns differently. 

Our research shows that customers who regularly shop at specific stores, whether it’s a drug store, vitamin shop, boutique or major department store frequently share their loyalty program information with family and friends. 

The full line of direct mail services we provide includes every element a client needs for effective and comprehensive retail campaigns.

Our firm represents the finest in cutting edge technology, design elements, and innovative execution. Clients rely on us for creative design, color matching, targeted mailing lists, printing, and campaign tracking. Our clients are also encouraged to utilize our DynamiScan web-based direct mail analytics software. 

Our goal is to work with clients every step of the way so that clients and their teams are assured of the best return on investment for every campaign we help them develop. 

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