Despite the Internet and smart phones, direct mail is still one of the best marketing methods around. We could talk for hours about the ins and outs, and the dos and don’ts of effective direct mail campaigns and how they can cost-effectively boost your business. So let’s just touch upon some things you should do in order to avoid the most common mistakes small (and large) businesses make.

The Mailer Itself

Many businesses just let a graphics person or employee put together a mailer. That can work, but only if they understand direct marketing.

It’s best to begin by clearly deciding if your mailer will be an informational brochure or more like an advertisement. Postcards are often the most cost-effective format, and the limited amount of space makes them most suitable for an advertising approach.

Most importantly, you’ll need an eye-catching graphic and an attention-grabbing headline to keep your mailer from going straight into the trash. You will also want to consider an eye-catching format. Something with a different texture, shape or rigidness; something that will make it stand out from the direct mail clutter. Once the recipient is paying attention, it’s vital to clearly explain your product or service, and why the reader should come to you rather than your competition. The content should be friendly and personal; if at all possible include the person’s name in more than just the address.

Your mailer will be far more effective if you include a compelling offer. That could be a discount or small give-away. It is also vital to be absolutely clear what you want the recipient to do. Should they phone you? Stop by your business? Visit your website? It’s best to give them just one option. This call to action is often the final little push they need to actually respond.

The Mailing

Likewise, small businesses often make the mistake of renting the first local mailing list they come across. Those mailings will be less focused and less effective.

It’s important to first identify what sorts of people are most likely to become one of your customers, then find a mailing list that is laser-focused on just those types of people. Rent it from a reputable list company. The list needs to be up to date and scrubbed for duplicates and errors. You’ve now cut your printing and mailing costs while still reaching all your best prospects.

After the Mailing

Perhaps the #1 mistake is thinking you’re finished when everything’s been mailed. Well, it is quite the opposite.

It’s vital to track the results of every mailing. You’ve spent “X” dollars; was the new business worth that cost? Fortunately, tracking is now much easier with bar codes, QR codes, and phone call tracking. You’ll also be able to test alternatives — headlines, graphics, color schemes, offers, etc. — so that each mailing you do will be more cost-effective than the last.

Don’t forget to make the best impression on the new prospects coming in. Respond promptly, personally, courteously, and professionally. And make sure to deliver everything you’ve promised.

Doing It Right

DynamiCard is a company to consider. They manufacture plastic postcards, which are a great way to stand out from the crowd and appeal to exactly the sort of customers you are looking for. About the thickness of a credit card, their feel suggests quality and luxury. The plastic postcards have pop-off or snap-off promotional gift cards that are durable so people are more likely to carry them around and actually use them; they are also more like a gift card than a discount coupon. They can even personalize each individual plastic postcard for that “high-end” look that commands attention.

DynamiCard is your one-stop shop for designing, printing, mailing, and tracking services. =They are also experts in mailing list rentals and data management. By integrating all that, they deliver the unique benefits, which will make your message stand out, with turnkey convenience.

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