As a general statement, a lackluster brand that does not elicit memorable images and cherished memories is losing whatever market share it might have. Or, it may also be on a path where it may lose the market share it is hoping to gain.

The next step may well be obscurity, which clearly is not an ideal or profitable outcome.

Below is more on Why Texture Can Increase Direct Mail Campaign Response Rates.

When It Comes to Design and Creativity

For any type of design or branding project, whether it’s new window treatments for a restaurant, or a die cut plastic mailer for a grand opening, texture should be an important consideration. As an example, moiré fabric is beautiful for many reasons including the subtle wavy texture, also known as a watered appearance. The attractive effect is produced mainly from silk.

Increasing Impact From Direct Main Campaigns

In the event that we were working on a grand opening for a client in the fashion, or home decor area, we could even duplicate the wavy moiré effect for added depth and appeal on the plastic die cut mailer. The other advantage is by including a mix of colors, shapes, sizes, textures, dimensions and unusual proportions. We help to increase the response rate of the entire campaign.

Human nature being what it is, people will remember the mailer because it’s unusual and different. What we avoid is the same thing that everyone else is creating.

Taking things one step further, let’s assume the fashion boutique is introducing a new line from Milan that includes an imported and unusual designer moiré scarf, or sculptured sash that management plans to subtly display at the grand opening. It would also be smart to have employees wear one of these new fashion items.

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