Our popular Plastic Postcard Mailer consistently delivers high performance results for a diverse number of automotive industry service businesses. This category includes auto mechanics, service centers, automotive repair shops, tire rotation and repair, dealers, oil changes, and auto detailing shops, etc.

We manufacture the finest quality plastic postcards that are cost effective with a proven track record of performance for a wide variety of businesses in the automotive industry. Our Direct Mail Marketing postcards have a super cool pop-out gift card that can be conveniently redeemed just like a coupon. But unlike run-of- the- mill paper coupons, our upscale gift cards look and feel elegant. As a result, they attract immediate attention. Our unique designs convey a classic look with vivid colors, unusual design elements and a smooth glossy texture that makes the cards stand out among the piles of ordinary paper mailers.

Consumer Loyalty Programs That Work Overtime

Plastic postcard mailers have proven to be ideal for consumer loyalty programs. In fact, it’s a perfect combination that has continued to demonstrate its value and ability to attract new customers. With loyalty programs, consumers are handsomely rewarded with points for purchases. As the points build, they can be used for future purchases. In addition to saving money, consumers feel valued and important. This reinforces consumer loyalty in a major fashion.

Identifying New Prospects Has Never Been So Easy. Seriously!

In addition to the eye-catching look of our dynamic plastic postcard mailers, our technology gives you the advantage of choosing to target 100% of your best prospects by using geographic and/or demographic criteria such as the consumer’s age, type and age of vehicle, income range, hobbies, and much more.

We’ve done all of the heavy lifting, and now it’s your turn to build your business by maximizing all of the advantages. What can we say except the ball is in your court, and we’re right there with you for advice, consultations and answers. As a company, we hold firm to the belief that your success is our success.

We have tremendous investments in cutting edge technology and innovation in direct mail. We are a full service firm offering a complete array of services — design, mailing lists, printing, and precise tracking to assure you of the best return on your investment.

We are proud that we have won the Inc. 5000 award 4 years in a row.