Touch. Taste. Smell. See. Hear. As human beings we are stimulated when our senses are involved. While email is a fast and inexpensive way to get your message out, it lacks the personalization that individuals experience when they have contact with something.

In a study done by USPS, 69% of people feel that physical mail is more personal than the Internet. This is because it is something they can connect to with not only sight but also touch. Below is how Interactive Mailers Deliver Higher Response Rates For Direct Mail.


Smart companies are realizing this and wanting to bring this sense to the next level.

What is the next level? Make it interactive. Lets go back to the basics. We all remember paper dolls, Lego, do-it-yourself jewelry or toy cars. What made us so emotionally invested in these toys? The fact that we personally had to pull them apart and use them gave us the notion that we were connected with this object. Companies are trying to recreate this feeling of personal attachment when they send out marketing materials to their audiences. Smart companies realize that it is important to send out interactive mailers if they want to see higher response rates for direct mail.

Dynamicard marketing mailers are interactive because the receiver has to physically pull the gift card away from the mailers. This adds an emotional value to them as they are seeing, touching and hearing the gift card pull away from the paper. We also use other interactive components such as scratch off’s to add a texture to the touch and scratch-and-sniffs to add in smell.

Adding more opportunities for a sense reaction is vital to understanding the experience of the end user. Interactive mailers should evoke the same response as our childhood toys did that we got to touch, smell, see and hear. Instead of simply presenting your materials as a one-dimensional, virtual experience; ask yourself what you can do extra for your direct mail audience.

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