With so many impersonal and easy-to-ignore forms of advertisements out there, the advantages of utilizing plastic postcard mailers with gift card pop-outs to market your business are huge. The benefits, however, go beyond their durability and attention-grabbing potential. The special features that can be included with plastic postcard mailers put them leaps and bounds ahead of television spots, newspaper ads and marketing e-mails in terms of personalization, tracking and exposure. Here are three incredible features that can be incorporated into your plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs to help enhance its appeal and boost its effectiveness even further.

Scratch-Off Cards for Increased Gift Card Options

Including a pop-out gift card with your plastic postcard mailer is an amazing way to capture customer interest, but your options aren’t limited to a simple plastic gift card. Using a metallic “scratch-off” coating to hide the discount on your gift card can make your offer even more intriguing to your potential customers–or use this scratch-off area for contesting purposes or to conceal an authorization code for personalized discounts. Whatever you need your gift card to do, a scratch-off gift card can help you do it.

Bar Coding for More Effective Tracking

One of the key elements of a successful direct mail campaign is proper customer tracking. Without it, your business can never be certain how effective your marketing efforts are or that the right customers are receiving the right offer. Incorporating individual and distinct bar codes into every plastic postcard mailer with gift card that you send enables you to follow customer activity closely and easily see how your prospective customers are responding to your offers.

Key Tags for Greater Marketing Exposure

Want to turn your customers’ key chains into moving advertisements for your business? By including a pop-out key-chain tag with your plastic postcard mailer, you can! These little key tags provide an incredible value for your marketing dollar by serving as an ongoing reminder of your business to your current clients and allowing for increased exposure to potential buyers. What’s more, your business can boost the utility of these key tags even further by incorporating bar codes for enhanced tracking or frequent buyer card potential.

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