The holiday shopping season isn’t just a boon for retail businesses; in recent years, restaurants have seen a dramatic bump in the number of customers walking through their doors during the months leading up to the holidays. With so many diners using the holiday season as an excuse to eat out more, is your restaurant doing all that it can to capture this increased business? By launching a direct mail marketing campaign using high impact mailers, your restaurant can grab the attention of your prospective diners, ensuring that they choose your establishment for a bite between shopping trips. Here are three ways that high impact mailers can make your restaurant’s holiday season more jolly.

By Immediately Capturing Your Potential Customers’ Attention

So few advertising methods are personal, but a full-color, high-quality plastic postcard mailer in your potential customer’s hands will have them feeling as though you’re speaking just to them–and they’ll return the favor by paying attention to your marketing message. After all, you pay attention to physical mail with your name on it, right?

By Holding Their Interest With Special Features

Once you’ve grabbed your prospective diners’ attention, how can you keep them interested? With high impact mailers, it’s easy. Simply incorporate special features such as key tag pop-outs that provide a lasting reminder of your restaurant–or you can add another dimension to your plastic postcard mailer by utilizing scratch-and-sniff to bring the delightful aroma of your restaurant into your customers’ homes.

By Enticing Diners With Gift Card Pop-Outs

Your high impact mailers have grabbed your potential diners’ attention and piqued their interest; now’s the time to draw them in. By utilizing a plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs, it’s simple to turn a prospective customer into an actual one. As thick and substantial as a credit card, a laminated promotional gift card carries a sense of true value, and your target customers won’t be able to resisting dropping in to take advantage of your offer.

At DynamiCard, our direct mail experts have years of experience crafting high impact mailers for restaurants. We know how important it is to get your holiday advertising right, and we have the experience needed to craft a plastic postcard mailer for your restaurant that will draw potential diners in. To learn more about our entire range of direct mail services for restaurants, please contact us today for more information.