Distinguishing your business from the competition can be difficult. You aim to provide superior customer service, you try to supply high-quality, innovative products and services, and you stand behind what you sell–but how can you communicate what makes your business unique and special to your potential customers? The solution is choosing a marketing method that is as distinctive as your business is. A direct mail campaign utilizing high impact mailers has the ability to be attention grabbing in a way that few other advertising avenues are. If you’re considering launching a plastic postcard mailer campaign, here are three ways you can turn your mailers in high impact mailers.

Choose a Supplier Who Offers High-Quality Printing Features

One of the biggest differences between a low-impact direct mailer and a high impact mailer is the printing quality. Choosing a printing service that provides top-quality finishing with thick and durable lamination can help your plastic postcard mailer withstand its journey through the postal system and be noticed by your target customers. Similarly, finding a supplier who can offer a custom design experience with extensive color choice can ensure that your mailer is as eye-catching as possible.

Incorporate Pop-Out Gift Cards

Providing your potential customers with something of worth is one of the easiest ways to grab their attention, and utilizing a plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs can effortlessly convey a feeling of value. These promotional gift cards feel more like gift certificates than discount coupons, encouraging recipients to hold on to–and use!–them and dramatically boosting the impact of your direct mail campaign.

Get Creative!

If you want your plastic postcard mailer to have the greatest impact possible, get creative with the features that you incorporate. For example, a key tag pop-out can act as a promotional gift card or a frequent buyer card while also providing your business with free visibility. Want to really stand out? Appeal to your target audience’s sense of smell with a scratch and sniff feature. Whatever options you choose, creating a unique mailer is a sure way to get the maximum effect from your high impact mailers.

The direct mail experts at Dynamicard specialize in crafting high impact mailers for optimal marketing results. From magnetic stripe gift cards to scratch and sniff mailers, we offer a complete range of plastic postcard mailer features that can help your business achieve the highest response and maximize your ROI on your marketing dollars. To learn more about our high impact mailers, just contact us for more information and a free quote.