After carefully considering all of the advertising options available for your franchise, you’ve come to the conclusion that using a plastic postcard mailer for a direct mail campaign offers the best results and ROI for your marketing dollars. Now comes the tricky part: choosing a vendor to help you design and print your mailer and track the results of your campaign. As you investigate your available options, here are the three important features to look for in a plastic postcard mailer company.

Full-Scale Design Services

You may know what you want to be included on your plastic postcard mailer, but coming up with a design that is eye-catching and visually pleasing can be challenging. After all, you already have enough to worry about running your franchise; becoming an amateur graphic designer is just more stress that you don’t need. Instead, find a company that has the ability to help design your mailer for you, using your ideas and franchise standards as a design guide. To ensure the best results, opt for a company with specific experience designing plastic card mailers for franchises.

Excellent Printing Capabilities

The best design in the world isn’t enough to overcome a bad printing job. Dull colors, imprecise finishing and poor paper stock options can all result in a plastic postcard mailer than is easily overlooked. When evaluating a company, take a close look at their printing capabilities and make sure that they have the skill and equipment needed to produce a top-quality finished mailer.

Proven Tracking and Analytics Abilities

Sending your plastic postcard mailers out without any way to track and analyze the results all but guarantees a failed marketing campaign. Knowing who is responding to your offers–and who isn’t–is key to making adjustments to your mailing list that can lead to even better results the next time. Pick a company that has a proven system for collecting and analyzing the data surrounding your direct mail campaign.

Dynamicard’s team of direct mail experts have extensive experience crafting plastic card mailers for franchises that result in increased customers and boosted revenues. Because we appreciate the unique challenges that surround marketing for franchises, we are well-positioned to help your franchise with our full suite of direct mail services. Simply contact us today to learn more about how Dynamicard can help your franchise achieve the highest ROI on its marketing dollars.