The skies are still blue, the weather is warm and kids are just getting ready to head back to school–surprisingly, this all means that it’s time for businesses to start planning their holiday season marketing campaigns. Many businesses find it critical to put up a strong showing in this busy buying season, and choosing the right advertising method can make all the difference in drawing in those key holiday shopping dollars. So many forms of marketing go ignored by potential customers, particularly in the midst of this advertising-heavy season; mass e-mails are ignored or sent to spam folders, television commercials are muted or skipped altogether, and online advertisements are caught by ad blockers. On the other hand, a direct mail campaign using high impact mailers is hard for your target clientele to miss or ignore–and these three key features of high impact mailers can make your holiday marketing successful.

Eye-Catching Graphics and High-Quality Finishing

Holding a piece of personalized physical mail is attention-grabbing already. Add to this effect by utilizing a high impact mailer with full-color, eye-catching graphic design combined with durable, high-quality finishing and you can boost your marketing results even further, resulting in a very jolly holiday season.

Gift Card Pop-Outs

Nothing makes your potential customers take notice of you like a plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs. These thick promotional gift cards have the feel of credit cards, conveying a sense of real intrinsic value and providing your target clientele with something they’ll want to hang on to–and use!

Creative Can’t-Miss Features

You can make your plastic postcard mailer even harder to ignore by incorporating special features that are sure to capture your audience’s attention. From scratch and sniff scents that evoke the holiday spirit to key tag pop-outs that serve as an ongoing reminder of your business, standing out from the competition is easy with the wide range of unique features available for high impact mailers.

The direct mail team at Dynamicard understands the importance of getting holiday season advertising right. Our expertise in crafting high impact mailers that grab potential customers’ attention and help convert them into actual clientele makes us the perfect partner for businesses looking to make the most of their end-of-year marketing campaigns. To find out more about the complete suite of direct mail services that we offer, please contact us today for more information and to receive a free quote.