A high end restaurant marketing, design, photography, guest list, and execution are vital to the success of the campaign.

Below are Dynamicard Marketing Ideas For High End Restaurants:

Creating a Stunning Plastic Postcard Mailer

We are a visually responsive society, so it’s a wise idea to include some beautiful, mouth-watering photos of your key dishes in your restaurant marketing. Not happy with the quality of your photography? It might be worth the investment to hire a professional photographer who is a pro with food and lighting to take some new photos.

Consider creating an unusual high-end themed event for your regular clientele and new customers. Also this type of themed event will give you an opportunity to showcase guest chefs, rare wines, exotic ingredients, and hard-to-find prix fixe–only dishes.

Include The Media

Be sure to send an invitation to the top food reporters from your local newspapers and magazines. It’s a good way to make friends, gain exposure and obtain reviews. Follow up with a phone call to find out if the reporters plan to attend. If so, set a reserved table/tables aside in a quiet location.

One creative approach for a theme might include one of the following Vacation Themes: 

Hawaiian Dining which features Ahi tuna in onion, ginger, scallion, soy and sesame sauce. Served with lettuce cups, steamed pork shoulder in banana leaf rice with fluffy coconut pie as desert. Also The background ambiance would include Hawaiian music and island flowers.

Greek Dining featuring Greek meat pie that typically is made using lamb, pork, or goat, (or in some cases, a combination of these meats are used) with rice and a light tomato sauce wrapped in pastry. While served along with a Greek salad sprinkled with feta cheese. Desert: sweet pastry made of delicate filo layers filled with chopped nuts that are held together and sweetened with honey.

Finally the background atmosphere would include soft Greek music and flowers.

Tracking That Delivers 

In addition to working on everything from concept, design, font photo selection, timing, and mailing lists, our next objective is to effectively track your direct mail restaurant marketing and analyze your results. It’s simple and efficient, and filled with important marketing information.

Additionally, with the advances that DynamiScan provides, we discreetly measure the response rate for your direct mail campaign along with the purchasing inclination of each and every individual who comes into your business.