When you examine direct mail research, plastic post card direct mail marketing campaigns are more than holding the number one position over digital ads, paper, and email marketing in today’s market.

The Competition Heats Up

Competition is increasing, and Interestingly enough, the decision to select plastic postcards is coming from a wide variety of business owners because of its increased impact. This information resulted from a recent research report by Temple University that was sponsored by the U.S. Postal Service.

The findings show a higher degree of interest, and a better emotional response with the plastic postcards than with digital ads. Additionally, these postcards could be tied to an increase in purchase decisions when reviewing the tracking data.

We have reviewed the market research, but we knew the results ahead of time based on our extensive experience. In addition to our regular plastic postcard mailers, we also offer unique plastic postcards with removable promotional gift cards. These cards are carefully designed and executed using high quality die cut plastic, beautiful colors and creative shapes. Our customers also receive targeted mailing lists combined with a sophisticated data analysis that leaves the competition at the starting gate, which is where they belong.

The Importance of Versatility

At times, it’s fascinating to look back into the past especially if there are hinges that might apply in today’s society. Many years ago, the marketing decision makers at Bloomingdales, along with the advertising agency creative came up with the concept of an elite VIP card.

The card was stunning in all black. The fascinating thing is that it was not a credit card, gift card, or a discount card. It was a VIP card issued to select customers.

The mystery is that no one could figure out how to obtain this chic card. The only known factor was that the customer had to spend a certain amount of money. But no one knew how much, and no one at Bloomingdales was talking.

When the customers who had the cards shopped, they took out their Bloomingdales credit cards to pay for purchases. And made sure that they laid the VIP card on the counter for everyone to see. Making things even more mysterious, the amount that one had to spend to obtain the card was never revealed.

Human nature being what it is, many people want what they can’t have. Call DynamiCard at 800-928-7670 for more info!